One step at a time!





Sometimes when something is broken it’s not the end of the world…but seeing flowers poping out and up kinda makes it all a little easier, not to mention the sun effect…if only it would come back, and stay!
So…to finish April properly, i went on a little trip away. Lyon. Mum.


It’s a long way, but it’s worth it! 🙂


Shop, eat, see the giant banana!
Get out, get soaked!


Get up. Get a bed. Speak english. Apparently with a kinda aussie accent. Would you believe that!?


French. France. Ok.


Like a lion in a cage eh!? Maybe that’s how i feel!? Don’t know mate…


Buy a yop. Drink it. Catch your train. Time to go back!

As the sun slowly comes out and makes us all enjoy the warmth, all the flowers and trees need water. Therefore, rainy days keep coming!
Here a quick short selections of fotos! Enjoy!


Closing doors, old jammed doors, broken doors,…, does it mean it’s the wrong way, or that there’s another way, or that we need to get it open anyways!?


Fresh, green, flowering. Spring, i love you! 🙂

It is the week end. A snowing cold raining one. After a sunny warm week. Such is life. It is saturday, time for household stuff…and slowly the day goes by too fast…


This is sugar. Brow sugar powder.
Pretty cool stuff eh! And the chocolate walnut cake is goood! 😀


My tomatoes for my sauce! Hihi! Love baby tomatoes at the moment! 🙂

Décalage horaire.

It’s been just over 5 years that i started this blog.

Lots happened.

I’ve been around the world (literally).

I haven’t been that diligent.

Today, i think again to  »update » my blog.

Today, i start with a post titled: ‘Let it snow.’

You know what? Well, this morning (the real today morning, April 20th 2013) i opened the curtains to discover the white topped rooftops.

So, i’m finish with the update.

Just loading WordPress App on my new ‘smart’ phone, and hope to post more! Maybe not once a day, but at least once a week?

Take care, and stay tuned!

What ??

Sechseläuten ! ! ! !

april (6)

The snowman. Getting all the attention.

april (7)

The snowman, burning. Bye bye winter.

april (8)

The snowman is no more.

april (9)

Going home. Hello summer!

PS: i went to check this celebration, it happens in Zürich. And people told me i should – as part of getting to know the local culture. And then admitted they never went. Haha!


Endly nice weather.

Let’s go back to Bern eh! 🙂

april (1)

Blue sky. Market day. Living city. Bubbling people. Catching the first sunrays.

april (2)

Looking quite different… Getting back to life.

april (3)

Lots of small little tiny shops.

april (4)

The bears! We had to go and look at them. I wanted to go down and cuddle (hug).

april (5)

Pretty nice tray, don’t you think?!